Thanks to those who participated in the ICO.

We are going to continue the project and we'll launch a second phase of our ICO in January 2018.
In the second phase we will focus on betting forecasts with RoBet product.
After the hard work for the ICO the robot and its team are on Christmas holidays from Dec 25 until Jan 8, 2018.
News and forecasts will be available for free until the beginning of the 2nd phase.

crypto sports betting

Ready.Set.Bet - RoBET at a glance


Let’s RAC it

RoBET is a smart-contract decentralized, block-chain based ecosystem for sports betting. Our competitive edge: Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence we’ll help customers to handle risk management, odd evaluation and odd comparison.


Become a bookie

Do you have great betting skills and know-how? So sign up and create your sportsbook. Once you have defined your odds or used AI forecasts to adjust risks and odds, you can accept bets from other users and earn your prefered crypto coins.


Crypto sports bets

We aim to develop a cutting-edge platform, where all functions necessary to manage a digital betting experience are enabled and supported throughout cryptos. The transparency and security of the wallet are granted thanks to the use of blockchain. Become a RAC token holder and create your wallet.


Get the coin running

As a one-fits-all platform RoBET offers you a unique feature that goes far beyond common sports betting: crypto betting. Choose a cryptocurrency to use for your sports betting and decide a cryptocurrency for your rewards. This way you can bet at the same time on both sports events and the trend of the crypto market.

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A ethereum wallet is required for the participation in the ICO.
Do NOT send ETH from an exchange like Kraken, Coinbase, Bittrex, etc
We will not be able to refund token if you will use directly an exchange to contribute.

...what you have to do now?
In order to participate in the Robet ICO, you need one of the following digital wallets: MetaMask, Mist, myEtherWallet o Parity. Cryptocurrency wallets allow you to store transaction records, check your balance, send and receive coins, carry out operations, etc.
Once you set up your wallet, you can send your contribute to us using our ETH address shown below as "destination address".

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