RoBET is coming soon. Consider that, due to COVID-19, sport events have been suspended.


Apply now you will receive a bonus of 10 RACs The bonus will be credited immediately to your RoBET wallet and can only be played to place bets in sports betting section.

Crypto sports betting on 17 different sports and among 47 different soccer championships has never been so easy thanks to RoBET, our platform licensed by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission.

All processes are managed through smart contracts.


RoBET is a decentralised blockchain sports betting platform, which manages all processes through smart contracts on the Ethereum platform


Our AI makes the difference, since it provides the best odds and suggests optimal risk-return strategies based on the bettor’s specific needs and betting strategy

become a bookie

You want more than just betting? Become a bookmaker and manage your own digital bookmaker agency fully based


During the last years, the payment landscape has significantly changed. Cryptocurrency payments have risen for several reasons, such as security and the possibility to accept payments from every country in the world. RoBET offers you a cryptocurrency payment gateway integration into your existing payment system. This way you can benefit from all the advantages of this payment method and you won’t even have to care about permissions.


The blockchain is right now considered one of the securest systems in the world. For this reason, it is already used in many different contexts. RoBET services for Business customers, offers you the possibility to back all transactions by cryptographic protocols, in order put paid to fraud and lack of transparency and emphasise security. This service is available for both FIAT as well as cryptocurrency based transactions making them secure thanks to encryption and digital signature.


Thanks to AI driven systems have opened new horizons within the betting landscape.
RoBET helps your business to be on the edge by offering your the possibility to integrate our AI driven betting services within your betting system. What does this mean? The engine provides several bookie types based on specific risk profiles. When your client is going to bet, her or she is free to choose from these bookies in order to match his/her specific needs or winning strategy.


How to register?

During the registration process, new bettors/bookies need to provide KYC details for the completion of a minimum KYC. Details need need to be filled in the RoBET KYC application form, compliant with the current law.

What does smart contract based mean?

When a user plays, the platform will create a new smart contract between the player and the platform itself.

In the smart contract will be deposited the amount played by the user moving it from the wallet of the user on the blockchain and at the same time, it will be registered the platform; reserve held wallet where withdraw the coins in case of the player win the bet.

The platform will continuously checks the final odds results and will activate the smart contract with the outcomes of the played odds (i.e. betslip). The smart contract will automatically create the proper transaction: if the user loose, the original amount will deposited into the platform’s wallet; If the user wins, the winning amount will be deposited into the user’s wallet.

How to withdraw your winnings?

You can withdraw your winnings at any time by transferring your tokens from your RoBET wallet to a third party wallet. All transactions are public and registered on the blockchain.

What is the RoBET AI all about?

RoBET is a real robo betting service based on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL). This means a complete transformation of how you play since the platforms helps you to evaluate your ticket thanks to statistics and forecasts about odds. You can assemble your ticket by selecting odds from a list of odds/tickets and ask the robo for advice. Thanks to the engine, you’ll get information about winning probabilities, expected win, etc. This way you won’t have to worry anymore about risk management, odd calculation, odd comparison.
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